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This Stephen Curry vs. Damian Lillard take is so short-sighted originally appeared on NBC Sports NorthwestDenver Nuggets Design Face Coverings
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Kevin Porter Jr. (23%)- Admittedly, this is a bold ranking for a player who has yet to play in the NBA this season. However, you guys trusted me when I recommended Keldon Johnson, Robert Williams, Jakob Poeltl and more, so just hear me out on this one. KPJ was ran out of Cleveland for maturity issues, but redeemed himself in the G League for Houston, racking up 24.1 points, 7.2 assists, 6.5 rebounds, 1.5 steals, 0.4 blocks and 2.6 triples.New Orleans Pelicans Design Face Coverings

On Sunday during All-Star Game media availability, the Trail Blazers guard was asked how he could better position himself for a chance at winning a championship. Lillard made it clear that he doesn’t care about the opportunity to elevate his brand in a larger market, he wants to win in Portland, and believes he can do so. 

Ridder: That workout was an unbelievable day, one that I’ll never forget the rest of my life. The impression it left on me, about how to work and how to prepare and wanting to be the best is still with me to this day. Jerry, John, Mitch and I, we can’t go more than a few conversations without that workout coming up because it’s such a powerful, lingering memory for all of us. Years later, after I moved from L.A. to Golden State, every time we’d play the Lakers and Kobe, I’d go into the locker to say hi and I’d always say, “Don’t forget Kobe, I was there from day one.” And we’d both smile about it.

For Golden State Warriors All-Star Steph Curry, tonight is nothing unfamiliar to him. As a seven-time All-Star, and seven-time participant in the 3-Point Contest, Curry is quite used to being on this stage during All-Star Weekend, representing the league as one of the world’s best basketball players.

Earlier that day, Dr. Anthony Fauci had testified in front of Congress, and recommended that the NBA move forward without large crowds. San Francisco authorities had already announced a ban on gatherings of more than 1,000 people. The Warriors were preparing to play without spectators Thursday. Silver and the NBA’s team owners anticipated that other teams would soon have to follow.Detroit Pistons Design Face Coverings

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“The most important thing for the franchise is Jayson Tatum’s next extension he signs with the Boston Celtics,” Bernardoni said. “And while that’s a ways away, it’s not forever away, and we don’t really know what he wants. It’s not like he gave back any money, so it’s not like he was making some great commitment to be like ‘I want to make sure that the Celtics are my team forever.’ He got the most money he could for the least years that he reasonably could. We just don’t really know what his priorities are. …Golden State Warriors Design Face Coverings

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